Simply put, we solve problems and fulfill the needs of homeowners and our partners. Drawn to communities that are often ignored, we bring life to neglected homes through renovations, giving these neighborhoods a welcoming makeover one house at a time, one community at a time. We offer a range of services whether you are a property owner needing to sell or an investor looking to purchase.


We generate leads on potential investment properties, conduct market research to identify trends and opportunities. After evaluation to determine investment possibilities, negotiations are conducted with sellers. Our investors save time and effort in their property search process by trusting us to secure the best deals possible. We conduct a comprehensive property evaluation and due diligence which involves reviewing a property’s physical condition, financial viability, expense projections potential risks and exit strategies. Our Acquisition Specialists are skilled negotiators advocating best interests throughout the buying process. They will guide you through the closing process, ensuring all paperwork is in order and deadlines are met.


Our Dispo experts manage buyer relationships once the acquisition phase is complete. They market the ideal property to the right buyer, negotiating to secure the best possible price and terms considering the current market conditions and applicable exit strategies suited to ensure a successful deal.

Resolution Services

Understanding that life happens and unexpected things out of your control can become a painful burden. We provide options for homeowners in all situations here are a few ways we can be of assistance.

  • Help you navigate through the pre-foreclosure process (free of charge)
  • Provide you a fair cash offer on your home if a traditional sale is not an option
  • Purchase your home As-Is
  • Deployment
  • Divorce
  • Job relocation
  • Probate
  • Assist with moving services if we acquire your property
  • Assist with cleaning/removal services if we acquire your property
  • Credit restoration services


Opportunities to partner with us can come in the form of many ways

  • Joint Venture – collaboration on deals are welcomed
  • Bird Dog – compensation paid for brining us a deal we close on
  • Referrals – strong relationships with investor-friendly Realtors

Join our growing community of investors: Invest in impactful opportunities with us.